Gifts for Lovers of Magic, Music and Movies

I have two major loves in my life (aside from my husband and two crazy boys of course) and those two loves are hiking and all things Disney. If I'm not daydreaming of hiking the Cascade Mountains I'm imagining myself in one of the Disney parks. I also love being a little creative and when you throw all those together you end up with Wonderland Tees.

The real inspiration for this shop came about in 2016 as I was planning our family's vacation to Disney World. For this trip I created quite a few custom shirts for our boys, myself and even my husband to wear. I wanted shirts that showed our love for Disney and were unique from the typical shirts found in the parks. As I posted pictures of these for my friends and family their reactions sparked an idea in my head. Could I open up a tee-shirt shop of my own? After thinking on it for a bit I decided to take the leap and go for it.

Thank you to all who were a part of that spark whether you know it or not.

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